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Our Services

Our motto  - "It's your wellbeing and recovery journey"

Our services are aimed at a variety of people. You may simply feel you would like to improve your awareness of wellbeing tools and ideas and so improve the quality of your life ahead. Alternatively, you may be in the latter stages of recovery from addiction / addictive behaviour and want to understand the path ahead. Or you may feel stuck, that you've hit barriers in your life and you'd like help removing those barriers. Some of our services are free (peer meetings), some are charged at a reasonable rate (1-2-1 coaching). Our guiding motto is that "it's your recovery and wellbeing journey". One size does not fit all and we believe it is for you to choose your own wellbeing journey.

We also support free ASCA meetings for adults dealing with the effects of abuse during their childhood. As of May 2024, we began free secular ACA meetings using the Loving Parent Guidebook (LPG), for those recovering from adverse childhood experience. (Please see our ASCA London and LPG meeting pages.)  

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