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About ASCA 

ASCA Programme

The ASCA programme is a science-based, self-help programme designed to help adult survivors of  childhood abuse (emotional, physical, sexual abuse, or neglect). The programme uses a psychological model based on trauma therapy, developmental theory, attachment theory and ego strengthening. Many community-based meetings in the US formed by trauma survivors, run the ASCA programme. The programme has been available in this way in the US since the 1990s.

ASCA London

There are now a handful of meetings outside the US. Your Wellbeing Journey CIC supported the creation of the first regular ASCA meeting in Europe in 2020. ASCA London currently holds a meeting open to all adult survivors of childhood abuse once per month (see below for details). The meeting is based in London, but is held online and so available to anyone living outside of the UK, too. 

The Morris Centre

The Morris Centre is a charity based in the US and designed the ASCA programme in the early 1990s. For more information about ASCA, and other ASCA meetings in other locations, please visit the Morris Centre's ASCA website.


ASCA London is UK-based, but run virtual meetings. Attendees from anywhere in the world are welcome. 

Meeting Times (all adult survivors of childhood abuse)

Monday Café

(Currently not running)

ASCA Meeting

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm (UK Time)

1st Tuesday of the month

Men's meeting (for th0se who use 'he', 'him', 'his' pronouns)

Men's ASCA

(Currently not running)

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Contact ASCA London

See below for information about the ASCA programme and ASCA London. If you wish to attend meetings, ASCA London will hold a screening chat with you on Zoom to help determine if the meetings are suitable for you. These usually take place on  the first Tuesday of the month

at 5:45 pm UK time. To contact ASCA London, please fill out the contact form

Please note, ASCA London meetings are organised and co-facilitated by volunteers, all of whom are survivors of childhood abuse. If a screening chat or ASCA meeting cannot go ahead as expected, they will endeavour to reschedule. Your understanding is appreciated. Thank you. 

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